dbt is an amazing way to transform data within a data warehouse. So amazing, in fact, that it’s easy to end up doing tons and tons of transformations on all kinds of datasets. After a while, it can become an innavigable collection of overlapping tables. That’s a problem when it comes time to troubleshoot. If […]

These foundations of communication and trust naturally created a culture that works for us, one where geography does not dictate opportunity. We feel empowered to act independently, making the best decisions for the company, and we check in with each other when we need support.

Often, datasets have built-in assumptions that aren’t quite so obvious looking from the outside in. Datakin includes data quality metrics in the lineage graph so you can see your pipeline health from a distance.

Blog A real-time approach to data lineage Written by Ross Turk on August 5, 2021 A data ecosystem that spans multiple pipelines, teams, and platforms can be overwhelming. Each dataset and job exists in a unique operational context, with interdependencies that may seem simple…until they multiply. Every tiny piece has something in common, though: when […]