Get a fresh perspective on your pipelines

Datakin is an end-to-end, real-time data lineage solution that helps you manage everything in your data ecosystem.

Complex lineage, visualized

Data lineage is the key to effective data operations and observability.

Datakin automatically traces data lineage, showing your entire data ecosystem in a rich visual graph. It clearly illustrates the upstream and downstream relationships for each dataset.

Troubleshooting, contextualized

The Duration tab summarizes a job’s performance in a Gantt-style chart along with its upstream dependencies, making it easy to find bottlenecks.

When you need to pinpoint the exact moment of a breaking change, the Compare tab shows how your jobs and datasets have changed between runs.

Data quality, summarized

Sometimes jobs that run successfully produce bad output. The Quality tab surfaces critical data quality metrics, showing how they change over time so anomalies become obvious.

Datakin helps you find the root cause of issues quickly – and prevent new ones from occurring.

Understand Everything

See your entire data ecosystem in one easy-to-manage view


Full Visibility

Reduces data silos with a company-wide, single source to observe all data pipelines (jobs and datasets) flowing through your ecosystem


Connects Data Teams

Removes the perceived black box around data teams, alleviating tensions with a clear overview of upstream and downstream dependencies and everything in your data ecosystem


Easy To Deploy

Less than a few hours to set up with simple, self-service installation procedures and documentation


Integrated Into Existing Workflow

Compatible with your existing infrastructure without the hassle of data pipeline migrations or code changes


Open Source

Collaborative solution that enables you to leverage a rich library of standard integrations developed by the community or create your own custom integrations based on your unique needs


Root Cause Analysis

Helps identify the root cause of pipeline failures so your data team can quickly alleviate issues


Identifies Anomalies

Automatically detects outliers to help pinpoint potential problems in your jobs and datasets


Historical And Current Views

Ability to compare data, as it changes over time, so you can assess past changes for future success


Reduces Data Downtime

Reducing the MTTI (mean time to identify), MTTR (mean time to resolve) and incident frequency saves your company money and increases the time that data can be used for critical analysis or business operations


Increases Team Productivity And Impact

Time that used to be spent doing manual work like finding, troubleshooting, and repairing issues can now be spent on more impactful business opportunities


Datakin Dashboards

Ability to measure the number of incidents, downtime, and other critical metrics across all your data pipelines

Resolve Issues

Identify and quickly address data failures and anomalies

Prevent Issues

Anticipate risks and avoid potential problems with your data


Proactive Risk Management

Alerts efficiently identify pipeline changes, highlighting potential issues, risks, and compliance concerns with slow or failed jobs


Assess Impact Changes

Helps to understand downstream dependencies and impact of changes before they become effective, so you can collaborate with the people consuming your data


Ensures Data Quality

Automatically checks the quality of your data to ensure predictable model performance


Builds Trust

Enables you to develop trust and provide 24/7 guarantees (availability, timeliness, accuracy) to stakeholders around the production and reliability of your data


Datakin Dashboards

Ability to measure the number of alerts, data quality, and other critical metrics across all your data pipelines


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