Building a Remote-First Culture Written by Amanda Bulger on Sep 15, 2021

This morning I was planning an offsite for our team – our first one since Datakin was founded during the pandemic – and I had a realization: I haven’t met most of these people in person yet! We’ve been working together for months and months, solving interesting problems and planning social events, but we have been restricted to knowing each other through a tiny box on a screen.

Even though it’s mostly been online, we’ve been able to mesh our personalities and manage to have a lot of fun together. We work efficiently. We’ve built a strong culture. How?

We all recognized that, especially in 2021, a traditional workplace environment was becoming less likely. So we put in a ton of effort into figuring out how to stay connected while becoming a “remote first” company. Along with so many of you, we had to rethink our strategy for onboarding, recruiting, and collaboration.

Communication and trust

It started at the top. Laurent and Julien, our founders, believe in work-life balance and want us to bring our best selves to work. They understand that consistent communication and trust are essential. Daily standups, sprint planning, weekly lunch & learns, water cooler time, and weekly demos have kept us successful at staying connected on a regular basis. We host remote-first monthly socials where making sushi and solving art heist mysteries have become the norm. We also provide coworking memberships for those who need to meet with colleagues…or just get away from the house for a bit.

These foundations of communication and trust naturally created a culture that works for us, one where geography does not dictate opportunity. We feel empowered to act independently, making the best decisions for the company, and we check in with each other when we need support.

Join the team!

At Datakin we believe in helping our users and colleagues succeed by sticking to our core values; customer focus, trust, sustainable speed, pragmatism, and ownership. And we’re hiring! Take a look at our open positions. If you want to learn more about Datakin or what it’s like to work here, please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.